UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometers

Perkin Elmer 1050 UVVISNIR Spectrophotometer
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Three Detector Module
Measurement Range: 175nm to 3300nm
Measurement Modes: Transmission
Polarizer available
Samples: Liquids or Solids

Diffuse Reflection accessory
Measurement Range: 250nm to 2400nm
Measurement Modes: Transmission, Reflection
Small Spot Kit
Polarizer available
Samples: Liquids, Solids or Powders

Universal Reflectance Accessory
Measurement Modes: Absolute Reflection, % Reflection, Transmission.
Angle Range: 8deg to 65deg in 0.5" increments.
Wavelength Range: 190nm to 3200nm.
Horizontal sample monting
Polarizer available
Sample size: 5mm to greater than 150mm. Smaller samples require a sample holder.

Cary500i UVVISNIR Spectrophotometer - No longer available
Range: 300nm to 1750nm
Measurement Modes: TransmissionRelative reflection
Sample: Liquids and Solids

Specular Reflection Accessory (SRA)
Measurement Modes: Reflection

Variable Angle Specular Reflection Accessory (VASRA)
Reflection from 20degrees to 70degrees
Samples: Solids

Temperature Controlled Multicuvette Accessory with Sample Transport
Temperature Range: 0C to 100C
Measurement Mode: Transmission
Samples: Liquids