Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation (QCM-D)

The QCM-D measures the frequency and dissipation of a quartz crystal sensor. It can be used to determine mass and modules of your material.
Oriiginaly developed to for lipid bilayer formation research the QCM-D is used in a wide variety of applications; Electrochemistry, SAM, Drug Delivery, etc...

Q-Sense QCM-D

Standard Operating Procedure

E4 & E1 Module
Cells: Flow, Static, Humidity, Window & Electrochemistry

Quartz Crystal (Sensor)
4.95MHz, 0.550” Diamater, Polished Plano/Plano

One side of the crystal has an electrode pattern for making contact to the instrument.
The other side of the crystal is unpatterned sensors surface This is the side your sample will make contact with.
Choose a material (sensor surface) that is appropriate for the for the sample you will make contact with. Mimick the surface your sample id normslly used on. For Example, If you normally put your coatings on a glass slide (Self Assembled Monolayers) then you would use an SiO2 coated crystal.

You will need to provide your own Crystals
I only know of two places to purchase these special crystals:

Q-Sense - (the instrument manufacturer) sells crystals five in a package.

Fil-Tech-  sells individual crystals.