Zeiss Ultraphot
     This is a modular microscpe built in 1934  to replace four or five micropses in the laboratory.
     Transmission, Reflection, Polarized, Phase, Long Working Distance Objectives (Luminar), Xenon Lamp, Mercury Lamp, 

Zeiss Axioskop
     Transmission, Reflection, T & R Polarized, Brightfield, Reflectance Differential Interference Contrast (DIC).Digital Camera, Axiovision Software

Olympus Stereo Microscope SZX16
     Reflectance, Transmission Brightfield, Darkfield, Polarization, Digital Camera, Software.

     Transmission, Reflectance, Bright Feld, Dark Field, Oblique.

Nanonics Near Field Scanning Microscope
     Transmission, Reflection, AFM, (Thermal Chamber, No Nearfield Detector)

Renishaw Raman Microscope
     Reflectance, Polarization, Motorized Stage, Digital Camera, Software

Thermo Fisher FTIR Microscope (Continuum)
     Transmission, Reflection, Polarization, Motorized Stages, Digital Camrea, Software.

Linkam Temperature Controlled Microscope Stage (FTIR600 & THMS)
     This stage is availabe for use on all the microscopes in the lab.
     Temperature Range: (-196 C) thru 600 C.