Raman Spectroscopy Page
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Raman Spectroscopy is a molecular vibration technique and is used in a wide variety of applications.
The sample is excited by laser of a certain wavelength and the inelastically scattered photons from the sample are collected and delivered to a CCD Array detector.
The resulting spectra is a fingerprint of the sample under test.
Raman is complimentary to FTIR. FTIR is sensitive to non symetric molecules, Raman is sensitive to symetric bonds.

Raman can be used to measure:
Raman shift, Photoluminescence, Crystal Lattice vibrations, Temperature, Stess

Raman Applications:
Materials, Life, Chemical, Earth & Analytical sciences.
Materials Science Applications: Carbon, 2D Materials, Nanotechnology, Photovoltaics, Battery Technology, Semiconductors and Catalysis.

Instrument Specifics:
Renishaw Invia Reflex Raman Confocal Microscope
Standard Operting Procedure (PDF)

This is a fully automated confocal Raman microscope system with three laser excitation lines a motorized stage and open sample compartment to accommodate cryostats.
A Temperature controlled microscope stage is available for temperature dependent measurements.

Raman Reflex Beampath

Data Acquisition Modes:
Point Mapping, Imaging - Stream HR fast imaging, Depth Profiling, Polarization, Time Dependent, Temperature Dependent, Photoluminescence

Laser Sources:
473nm                        25mw
532nm                        50mw (With Computer Controlled Linear Polarizer)
785nm                        100mw, Bar Laser
The laser power changed using computer controlled neutral density filters

1” CCD array, Deep Depletion for enhanced IR Range
400-1050nm, 1024 X 256 pixel

Holographic Reflectance Gratings:
600l/mm, 1200l/mm, 2400l/mm

Rayleigh Filters:
473nm edge                        10%@150cm-1 shift
532nm eclipse (Notch)         <15cm-1 shift, Stokes & Antistokes
532nm edge                        ~100cm-1shift
785nm edge                        10%@50cm-1 shift

Leica Optical Microscope
Infinity Corrected, 200mm Tube Length, semi parfocal objectives
Free Space with linterlocked (laser safe) enclosure
External Reflected Light

Objectives: Semi par-focal
Objective       Opening        WD                 NA

10X                 4mm               12mm             0.25
LWD50X        2mm               8mm               0.50
50X                 4mm               350um            0.75
LWD100X      2mm               ~3mm             0.75
100X               2mm               0.1mm            0.90
External Microscope Lamp, Reflected Light Polarization

Microscope Stages:
Renishaw HSES motorized stage
Step Size: 100nm, Stage Travel: 112mm x 76mm

Rotating Microscope Stage - for polarization experiments

Temperature controlled Microscope Stage
Linkam THMS600  (-196deg C to 600deg C).

Macro Sampling Set:
Cuvettes, Powders , Capillaries, Etc.

Renishaw Wire 4,4 ,(Software available to users for data analysis)
Spectral Reference Libraries - Organic Polymers, Inorganic materials, Sample substrates

Computer & Monitor, HP Computer, Monitor 22”


Kaiser Hololab 5000 Modular Research Raman Microscope & Spectrometer (Retired)

785nm, 400mw Solid State Laser
Range: 200 to 3400 Raman shift
Leica DLMP Optical Microscope
Objectives: 10X, 50X, 100X, LWD50X
Macro Sampling Accessory
Calibration Accessory